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Welcome to the Dragon Valley Airsoft website.

There are 15 days, 3 hours until the Xmas Special.

DV Members can book now.

Non-members can book from midnight on Sunday 30th Nov.

What makes Dragon Valley awesome?

  • Sometimes we manage to book an event date that doesn't get cancelled...
  • We've been running airsoft games for over 10 years
  • Dragon Valley Airsoft is a UKARA Registered Game Site and a full member of the UKASGB.
  • Large safe zone with capacity for 200+ players under cover
  • 1:10 ratio of marshals to players
  • Staff trained in the use of pyrotechnics by TLSFX
  • A unique mixed terrain setting on an active military training base.

Dragon Valley Airsoft
from FlyPix - Shikra on Vimeo.

So what are you waiting for? Book now for our next event!

Details of how to become a Dragon Valley member and register your membership on the UKARA database can be found on our membership page.


Latest news:

(28/10/2014) Sunday 2nd November event cancelled
Sorry folks, we're off again this weekend. Unlikely to be back before December now.

(06/10/2014) Photos from 5th October event
Photos from this event are now up in the gallery and on Facebook:

(02/10/2014) Technical gremlins!
We're experiencing a few technical issues with the booking system at the moment, so for the Sunday 5th October evernt bookings are by email. Please email us at info@dragonvalley.co.uk to book in.

(28/09/2014) Photos from 21st September event
Photos from this event are now on our Facebook page

(28/08/2014) Photos from the 24th August event
Photos from the last event are now in our gallery and on Facebook

(11/08/14) 24th Aug open for bookings

(28/07/14) Aaaaaannnndd, we're back!
Our rather extended Summer break is over and we are dying to get back to the site and see how high the ferns have got, last time we checked they were huge. Book your places now for the 10th of August.

Photos from the 1st of June event are now up in the gallery and on Facebook:

Photos from the 25th of May event are now up in the gallery and on Facebook:

Photos from the 11th of May event are now on Facebook:

New event dates
We've got our event dates through to the end of June, and happily it's a much fuller calendar than last year. Head over to the dates page and add them to your diary.

16th March photos are online
Photos from the "No Go Zones" event are in the gallery and on Facebook. Enjoy!

26th January photos are online
Photos from the "Taking the Queen" event are in the gallery and on Facebook

Members discounts:
Dragon Valley members can now enjoy a massive 20% discount on all orders from Nightgear, 5% discount on orders from RSOV and 10% discount from Intelligent Armour Limited
Log into the members page for the discount codes. Forgotten your password for the members area? Grab a reminder email.

RSOV Express Banner

Membership requirements clarification
There has been some confusion amongst players about the qualification requirements for DV and UKARA membership. Anyone who has played at three events at DV over any period is able to get DV membership to enable fast-track booking and priority access to certain events, but only players who have played at three events over not less than two months within the last year will be able to get their UKARA forms stamped by DV on production of the appropriate proof of ID - we have a list of all players this applies to at each event. Please read the membership info page carefully for full details. In order for a booking/event attendance to count toward UKARA registration you must have booked on in your own right with full name and address details, ie. not as an additional player on another person's booking.

DV userbar available
For those of you who frequent forums, we've produced a userbar that you might like to add to your sig. The code you need to paste into your usual forum sig is:

and the userbar looks like this:

DV Userbar

Any website owners wishing to link to us feel free to use this banner (16k JPEG file)...

Dragon Valley Airsoft banner

Any comments or questions about this website or Dragon Valley Airsoft? Get in touch!

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