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The Safe Zone

See Site Rules (3b-c) for more information.

What is the Safe Zone?
The Safe Zone is located in the North East corner of the site and is the first building encountered. It will be your first port of call after arriving at the site and parking your car up. It's about the driest building at DV! The Safe Zone is also the place you will go to at the end of a game (or during if you've been shot out) to wait for the next game. Take the opportunity to grab a drink or a bite to eat, reload your mags and prepare for the next round!

The Safe Zone is surrounded by a bund. The only access way in and out of the Safe Zone is through the dog-leg safety nets in the Southern tunnel. Inside these safety nets is the only place at DV where you can remove your eye protection. Inside, you'll find plenty of benches to lay your kit out and get sorted in the morning. There will be lots of people milling around inside the SZ. Marshals will be wearing Hi-Viz jackets, usually with their names on the back. Neil (DarkStar) and Nikki will be behind the counter ready for people to sign on first thing and usually remain there during the day. Nikki always has a good selection of sweets and delicious home made food. Tea and Coffee is free. Neil is also on hand to sell you any supplies you may need. Good quality BBs, Gas and Grenades (smoke and BB) are held in stock at competitive prices. Masks are also available to borrow as are coveralls. You'll also usually find Jeff (Kalon) squirrelled away in his corner hunched over a soldering iron muttering something about "Chinasoft shit". We suspect he doesn't go home.

There is also an outside area up the concrete stairs to the right as you walk in. This is an additional area for kit stowage on particularly busy days.

The bund surrounding the Safe Zone is out of bounds. However, there are tunnels through the Eastern side of the bund that are often un-used. It is also possible to circle around the Northern edge of the Safe Zone between the bund and the boundary fence. This allows good flanking on the Firebase to the West and another route to the Northern end of the HQ building.

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