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Game Rules

  1. Hit taking:
    1. Airsoft relies on honesty - unlike paintball there is no mark left by airsoft hits. Nothing ruins an airsoft game faster than players not taking hits. Please help us to provide top quality airsoft games by being an honest player.
    2. A hit occurs when a BB fired directly from a gun, or launched by a grenade or spring operated trap, strikes a player anywhere about their person or attire.
    3. Gun hits and definite ricochets do not count as hits, but all other areas (head, equipment, mask, fingers, feet etc) do.
    4. When you are hit, shout 'Hit' and raise your hand. Leave the game field keeping your arm raised to indicate to other players that you are out of the game. Do not linger in the game field.

  2. Cheating:
    1. We use a ‘3-strikes and you’re out’ system for cheating.
    2. At the start of the day, each player is given a uniquely numbered armband in their teams colour.
    3. If the marshals are told that a player is not taking hits, their number is marked down on a board.
    4. The first strike is a friendly warning, the second strike is a formal warning and the third strike leads to your being escorted from the site.
    5. Players can look at the board at any time to see if any 'strikes' have been issued.
    6. Other actions which may earn you a strike are: blind firing, goggle lifting (removing protection in the game area), persistant overly aggressive play. This is not an exhaustive list.

  3. Surrender rules:
    1. We do not play a ‘surrender’ or 'bang' rule as we found that it caused far too much confusion and 'sniper banging'. This should not be seen as an excuse to empty half a hi-cap into a player you have just stumbled upon who is completely unaware of you. 1 BB eliminates a player just as effectively as 100 and makes you far more friends.

  4. Snipers:
    1. Snipers will be allowed up to 500fps. As with all guns this will be measured at chrono using our own 0.2g BBs. Once chrono has been passed any weight of 6mm BB can be used.
    2. Random chrono'ing during the day will take place, again using our own 0.2g BBs, to discourage any sneaky spring substitution.
    3. The 500fps limit will only apply to bolt-action rifles, not AEGs with full-auto disabled, and not semi-auto only AEGs such as the PSG-1. Semi-automatic rifles are not legal at 500fps.
    4. DMRs, generally AEGs, which must be physically locked to semi-auto and incapable of fully automatic fire are permitted up to 450fps with a 0.2g BB.
    5. A minimum engagement distance of 10m will apply to all weapons above 350fps. A pair of posts will be set 10m apart near the Safe Zone to ensure that everyone is aware of what 10m looks like.
    6. Snipers and DMR users must carry a secondary weapon or sidearm firing below 350fps.
    7. No weapons above 350fps may be used inside buildings due to the risk of "reflex" engagements at close ranges.

  5. Grenades and smoke:
    1. BB grenades and blank firing grenades will count as hit if they explode within 5 metres of you outside, or within the same room if inside.
    2. If you can get hard cover (like a wall, door or sandbags) between you and the grenade then you are safe. A bush is not hard cover.
    3. Blank firing grenades must only be used with 9mm blanks - 12 guage blanks are not permitted as they are too loud in confined spaces.
    4. Due to their weight, blank firing grenades should only be thrown underarm - use common sense to avoid injuring other players; it's not a real war.
    5. Blue coloured smoke (which will only be issued by Marshals) counts as toxic gas. If used, then the opposing team to the user must evacuate the smoke immediately or remove themselves from the game.
    6. Any other coloured (non-blue) smoke has no effect other than obscuring.
    7. Thunderflashes count only as distraction, they have no effect in eliminating players.
    8. Mark 9 thunderflashes may not be used as they are too loud in confined spaces. Mark 5 thunderflashes are fine.

  6. Ammo limits:
    1. In order to prevent 'spray-and-pray' tactics which we feel ruin realism and cause games to bog down, Dragon Valley imposes an ammo limit of 600 rounds per player per game.
    2. Magazines for gas or spring powered pistols do not count toward your allocation of rounds. If you want to carry three tonnes of GBB mags, that's up to you.
    3. Standard magazines for the new Marui MAEG pistols are not counted toward your allocation - once released the hi capacity magazines for these pistols will be counted.
    4. Shotgun shells do count toward your allocation of rounds.
    5. Moscart shells, being single shot, do not count toward your allocation of rounds.
    6. Each team may take out one support machine gun (a large fully automatic weapon such as an M60 or M249; not an MP5K with a drum mag!) with 2000 rounds maximum per game.
    7. Infringements to this rule will be counted as cheating and will earn you a 'strike' under rule 2.

  7. Marshals decisions are final. If you disagree with the decision of a marshal, take up the matter with a head marshal or with the organisers.

  8. If you are unclear on any of these rules, or you have any questions about them, just ask one of our friendly, experienced marshalling staff.

  9. Please put safety above any game constraints. If you or the marshals would see what you are doing as dangerous, then simply don’t do it.

Last updated 24/06/2018

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