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Site Rules

  1. Arrival and departure:
    1. As RAF Caerwent is MoD property and is still an operational training base it is not accessible to the general public. In order to gain entry you must have booked your place for the date you wish to attend via our online booking system.
    2. Follow the directions given on our website and wait in the holding area at the gate until you are escorted onto the site in a convoy led by a member of Dragon Valley staff.
    3. Please ensure ALL guns are covered or boxed during arrival and departure. We do not want to see players removing guns from their cars whilst waiting at the gate. RAF Caerwent is an operational training base please use common sense.
    4. Players will not bring onto the site any real, deactivated or bladed weapons or inappropriate (non-airsoft) pyrotechnics. Bayonets, samurai swords and machetes have no place in airsoft games. ONLY airsoft weaponry is acceptable.
    5. At the end of the day all players must wait to be escorted from the site in a convoy led by a member of Dragon Valley staff. Players must not drive out of Dragon Valley's area of the base without an escort. Should you do so and be stopped by military or security personnel, you will be arrested and held until your right to be on the base has been ascertained; this may take some time, this has happened once since we have been using the site and the person concerned did not enjoy it and has not been back!

  2. Site limits:
    1. Site limits are 350fps for all full and semi-automatic weapons (except locked-semi DMRs which are limited to 450fps) as well as pistols and shotguns, and 500fps for bolt-action single shot rifles, measured with .20g BBs - these are absolute limits not figures to aim for.
    2. All guns will be chronoed each day, with .20g BBs - we will provide magazines loaded with 0.20g ammo.
    3. Guns that fail by any margin (even 1fps) will not be able to be used.
    4. Velocity reducers are not permitted since they only reduce the velocity of the first couple of shots of a burst, beyond that the membrane is unable to close fast enough to catch the BBs and therefore many subsequent rounds go through at whatever the uninhibited power of the gun is.
    5. There is no limit to BB weight except for when chronoing. However, only 6mm Biodegradable BBs can be used on site (Excel or equivalent or our own BBs).
    6. 8mm BB's may not be used. This is due to the lack of 0.20g 8mm BB's for use in chronoing.
    7. Worth noting if you are upgrading an AEG; a 1 joule spring should keep you well within 350fps, whilst an M100 or equivalent may fall either side of the limit. Worth bearing in mind.
    8. Two-tone guns which have been spray-painted or otherwise converted so that they become realistic imitation firearms (RIFs), as opposed to imitation firearms (IFs), are not permitted. This is regardless of your site membership or UKARA registration status. Unmodified two-tones are allowed.

  3. Safety:
    1. A full safety briefing will be given each and every day if you have any questions, please ask a marshall who will be happy to help.
      Even if you have been to Dragon Valley many times, and heard the safety briefing over and over, please remain quiet so that the new players around you can hear. It could be you who suffers if you prevent others from hearing the safety rules.
    2. A 'Safe Zone' area is clearly designated within building number 344. This building is surrounded by high blast banks and entry is via a tunnel with staggered safety netting.
    3. Prior to entering the safe zone, magazines should be removed, actions cleared and weapons made safe. This includes removal of moscart shells.
    4. All games are marshalled by dedicated staff who will be identified by hi-visibility garments. Listen to their instructions, and please follow their orders.
    5. Approved safety masks or glasses must be worn at all times entering, leaving and within the play areas. If your own eye protection is not considered appropriate you will be issued with a full face mesh mask. Your eye protection should be on before you pass through the safe zone netting, and stay on until you are back inside. 'Goggle lifting' during games is not acceptable and will count as a strike under the three strike system. If you are steamed up, speak to a marshal. You will be allowed to return to the game after clearing your goggles in the safe zone.
    6. Dragon Valley strongly recommend the wearing of an approved full face mask, though approved goggles or glasses can be worn by players aged 16+ at the wearers risk.
    7. Plastic framed Oakley glasses are not approved eye protection Metal framed Oakley glasses designed to protect from the eyes from high speed impacts are acceptable.
    8. Any discharging of guns in safe areas may result in immediate expulsion.
    9. Only pyrotechnics approved or provided by us can be used on the site. Pyrotechnics (smoke and BB grenades) can only be sold to and used by players aged 18 or over, it's the law - if you look young and want pyro, bring ID. If you are bringing your own pyrotechnics, please check with a head marshal or site owner before using them. Homemade or home-modified pyrotechnics are illegal, anyone found to be using such items will be escorted from the site and permanently banned. The 'Stun Grenade' pyros which combine a smoke grenade with a multi-shot thunderflash are not permitted at Dragon Valley.
    10. Areas of the site of potential risk, such as the building roofs and dangerous buildings are out of bounds. These areas will be identified in the safety briefing; one of the reasons it is important that everyone is able to hear it. You may receive a strike under the three strike system if you are found to be obviously out of bounds.
    11. The bunds surrounding various buildings on site may not be climbed to a height of above 2m. If you feet are higher than your head was when you started climbing then you are too high. The bunds tend to drop off sharply on the building side and are riddled with holes and shafts, thus they carry a very real risk of injury.

  4. Miscellaneous:
    1. We welcome anyone over 16, or 14 if they have an accompanying guardian or a signed consent form, to our events. If you appear to be below the age limit we will ask you for suitable ID, so please bring some. If you cannot provide ID and we believe that you are below the age limit, you will be escorted from the site. This is not negotiable and we are not willing to void our insurance by operating outside of its terms. If you look younger than you need to be to play, bring appropriate ID.
    2. We can hire out all the equipment needed (AEG, mask, coveralls), but insist that people bring their own sensible footwear boots or supportive trainers are a must.
    3. Whilst on the site you agree to being photographed, video recorded or having your image captured by any other means. These images may be published and distributed via the internet or in any other medium for promotional purposes.
    4. Smoking is not permitted within any structures on the site. Smoking is permitted in open areas such as thouse around the safe zone.

  5. By booking your place at a Dragon Valley Airsoft event you signify that you have read and agree to be bound by these rules. These rules may be changed without notice and all changes will appear on this page.

  6. Safety and security will always take precedence over gaming.

Last updated 09/06/2008

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